Toronto’s Source of Coronado Paint Products

Primetime Paint & Paper is your Toronto sources for Coronado paint products, a fine brand of paint for residential and commercial painting purposes. Coronado paint has been the choice of painting professionals for over 50 years, providing lasting performance and consistent quality. We supply paints for all applications, whether you are a homeowner repainting your kitchen or an architect specifying coatings for a convention center or new stadium.

Coronado – Paint products that deliver

Coronado offers a vast collection of paint products including high performance coatings for all industries including epoxies, urethanes, maintenance enamels and more. Coronado paint has the primers, paints and industrial coatings that deliver the performance your Toronto painting project demands.

Coronado Paint’s product lineup includes:

  • Super Kote 5000®

    Super Kote 5000 from Coronado Paint

    A vinyl latex flat that is not only splatterless but has excellent touch-up characteristics. Super Kote 5000 is designed especially to cover most surfaces in one coat when applied within the specified spread rate of 400 sq.ft per gallon. Super Kote 5000 is formulated to the Greenmark standard, specifying that Super Kote 5000 meets or exceeds Unite States Green Building Council’s LEEDS standards for new construction and renovation projects.

  • Tough Walls®

    Tough Walls from Coronado Paint

    Although Tough Walls appears to be a rich flat, the secret to this product is a hint of subtle soft luster, visible when viewed from an angle. This velvet sheen is the magic tough that provides Tough Walls with its extreme stain resistance, incredible washability and bold appearance.

    Applying easily, drying quickly and providing excellent hiding power, Tough Walls is available in over 1,000 colours and is the perfect choice for either commercial or residential painting needs.

Coronado paint available at Toronto’s largest downtown paint store, Primetime Paint & Paper. For more information on Coronado paint and to browse the entire paint product selection, please visit their website: